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What is Vetinnova?


Vetinnova is a service developed by the Vet+i Foundation, Spanish Technology Platform for Animal Health, an interdisciplinary forum that integrates all relevant stakeholders from academia, research, farmers, veterinarians, industry, regulators, etc. interested in animal health.

Its objective is to facilitate and to encourage the networking and collaboration between public and private actors in the field of Research, Development and innovation (R&D&i) in animal health: companies of Animal Health Industry, the Public Research  Institutes, the University research groups, science and technology centers, other private research centers, among others.

This tool in the animal health field in Spain, is an important database in R&D&i, which contributes to increase visibility of science and technology knowledge available in this field and promote its transfer to the industry in order to provide new products and innovative services. Furthermore, Vetinnova promotes the identification of new opportunities for cooperation and internationalisation of the science-technology-company system, since the web portal is translated into English.

It is crucial that cooperation between the knowledge-generating community and companies occurs in both directions and, therefore, Vetinnova also provides the opportunity for companies to make their activities and interest areas known in order to establish collaborations with other entities.

All this will contribute to the improvement of technological capability, competitiveness and greater international projection of a strategic sector such as animal health.



Vetinnova is a public website, which is open and free for any interested stakeholdes in the animal health sector. Therefore, the user can access and actively participate in Vetinnova and be able to benefit from the many advantages and benefits that this tool offers for free and without registering.

All researchers or experts from industry can create a new consortium or search for partners or project proposals that are already defined or in their definition phase, of national, European or international calls, or projects of a private entity.

All experts interested in R&D&i will be able to find latest updates on research lines, patents, services, industry interests, offers and work demands "innojobs", consortium, etc.) to be aware about all the latest news of the website.


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