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British start-up is seeking technology and research partners who can help analyse animal movement and behaviour

UK company developing an electronic tag for farmers to track and monitor their livestock to minimise losses is looking for a partner with IT skills working with sensors to co-develop the product, advance the mathematical models, data analysis and conduct research in the development of the integrated model and bring together multiple disciplines. The company is seeking either a research or technical co-operation agreement with organisations that have appropriate experience and skills. REF: TRUK20181107001

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Greek SME

The Greek company is willing to cooperate with academic and research groups, as well asprivate companies developing and studying new biomolecules, drugs, nanoparticles or diseasemodels, who need to perform specialised imaging services. For this reason, the Greek companyoffers the three different systems in order to provide imaging services at low cost, depending oneach customer needs and capabilities. The considered type of cooperation is servicesagreement.Also, they are searching for academic and research groups in order to participate collaborativelyin H2020 projects undertaking the performance of complete imaging studies for the in vivoevaluation of radiopharmaceuticals, nanoparticles and other biomolecules. The considered typeof agreement is research cooperation agreement.

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New approaches in terms of health management of farmed animals

New approaches in terms of health management of farmed animals, bringing fresh perspectives to tackle AMR in different species.The company is looking for partners with the following characteristics (Spanish partners included): Agriculture and livestock management/Agricultural sciences institute/university: Partner with agri-business expertise able to contribute/validate from the economic point of view (cost analysis, resource allocation, etc.), health management models for farmed animals and familiar with economic impact analysis. Agricultural Advisory /Agricultural extension Services Entity: Partner providing rural / technical assistance services to farmers. Technology transfer. Training activities in areas of animal health and environment, knowledge exchange within the farmers community and knowledge processes within the context of sustainable and secure animal production; Organic Agricultural or Livestock husbandry Advisory/association/institute: Partner providing technical assistance to organic farmers

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Solutions in IoT, useful in management of Pets, Cattle and Hives- Capsiware, SL

Cw has experience in IoT and HW / FW / Sw development. Its mission is to carry out solutions in the IoT world that are useful in the market, also in the management of Pets, Cattle and Hives. Cw has developed a small microelectronic plate, with great functionalities, and a communication system Bluetooth 5.0 for which you do not have to pay monthly fees. Future development of an application. The company is looking for a partner that defines the product. Cw offers a novel device, with functions adaptable to the needs of the animal. Architecture that includes Energy Harvesting technology for long battery life and years without monthly fee.

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Super resolution widefield optical microscope for the life science sector

This UK based SME specialises in the development of super-resolution optical microscopes (70-100nanometers resolution). Their technology has huge applications in the life science sector so they areinterested in working with industrial/research organisations involved in oncology, virology, drugdiscovery, tissue engineering etc. to develop their prototype via research cooperation or technicalcooperation agreements. Reference TRUK20170817001

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Diagnostic kits for human body, animals and cancer sought

The company is seeking technology to make diagnostic kits. They requires specifications in order to develop a diagnostic kits for human body, animals and cancer. The company is interested in licensing agreement, manufacturing agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partner will possess the technology and will gain right to commercialize the product. The SME is open for any type of organisations including industry, research organisation, and university. Ref. TRKR20170123002

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