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Improved method for differentiating animals vaccinated against brucellosis from those infected with it

A Spanish university is developing new brucellosis vaccines and diagnostic tools. This method can be used to differentiate animals that have been vaccinated against brucellosis from those that are infected. This new vaccine tagging method and the appropriate diagnostic test based on the DIVA method (see below) will overcome the limitations of present brucellosis vaccines. It is looking for companies or research centres interested in license or research cooperation agreements.

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Leading biotech company is looking for new biomolecules extracted from animal tissue

Spanish company specialising in biomolecules of animal origin for pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries is looking for new products from animal raw material to co-develop, scale up, manufacture and sale. Start-ups, SMEs and research centres are sought for joint ventures, commercial agreements with technical assistance, technical cooperation and license agreements.

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Belarusian State University

Development and subsequent production of veterinary preparations, highly effective disinfectants for livestock and poultry facilities, fodder supplements and concentrates of vitamins. Conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of veterinary science.

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State Scientific and Production Association Chemicals Synthesis and Biotechnology

Elaboration of immunochemical and molecular-biological diagnostic aids for medicine and veterinary practice with subsequent manufacturing

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State Scientific Institution The institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering

Development of new genomic and proteomic test-systems for diagnostics of humans, animals and plants.Development of liposomal pharmaceutical and veterinary substances.

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Republican Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise Fish Industry Institute

Development and application of new intensive, integrated, resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies of pond fish farming using traditional and perspective aquaculture species (sturgeon, salmon, catfhish, etc.)Development complex of measures for treatment and prophylaxis of infectious and parasitic diseases of fish.

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