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  • What is Vetinnova?

What is Vetinnova?


Vetinnova is a new service developed by the Spanish Technology Platform for Animal Health Vet+i, an initiative funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Its objective is to facilitate and to encourage the networking and collaboration between  public and private actors in the field of Research, Development and innovation (R&D&i) in animal health: companies of Animal Health Industry, the Public Research  Institutes, the University research groups, science and technology centers, other private research centers, etc.

This tool, new in the animal health field in Spain, is an important database in R&D&i, which contributes to increase visibility of science and technology knowledge  available in this field and promote its transfer to the industry in order to provide new products  and innovative services.

It is crucial that cooperation between the knowledge-generating community and companies occurs in both directions and, therefore, Vetinnova also provides the opportunity for companies to make their activity areas and interest areas known in order to establish collaborations with other entities.

Furthermore, Vetinnova promotes the identification of new opportunities for cooperation and internationalisation of the science-technology-company system, contributing to the improvement of technological capability, competitiveness and greater international projection of a strategic sector such as  animal health.


Specific objectives

Vetinnova specific goals are:

  • To identify, collect, and report the research lines of the university research groups, public research institutes and other research centers as well as projects funded by public organisms.
  • To inform about the transferable research results generated by the scientific community in order to increase its transfer and use by the industry.
  • To enhance the transfer of patents generated by the Spanish scientific community to the industrial sector, through the identification and dissemination of patents in the animal health field. 
  • To encourage the use of the scientific facilities in the animal health field and the use of qualified personnel by companies to develop innovative products, through the identification and dissemination of scientific-technological services of the research centers. 
  • To promote the knowledge between companies and/or research centers of interest areas that may have the companies, including SMEs, in order to establish future collaborations for the development of R&D&i. 
  • To encourage the knowledge among the scientific community, including young researchers, of the existing regulatory requirements needed to place animal health tools on the market, so that the results obtained during the R&D&i phases are valid during product registration processes. 
  • To encourage collaborative projects development, and promoting participation in technological cooperation programs worldwide through the search partnership service.


The website is organised into five main sections covering the whole innovation chain in animal health from the research phase, through the transfer of knowledge and technology to the place on the market of the developed tools. These five sections are:

- Research lines and projects

- Technological offer

- Patents

- Industry demands

- Regulatory Requirements

Moreover, it has created a specific section for the promotion of networking, through which, the interested stakeholder has access to a database of partner search proposals and collaboration offers to participate in collaborative projects by research centers, universities and companies, including SMEs.

Vetinnova provides in each section a powerful search tool that will allow the user to make free searches or cross searches by using a wide variety of criteria, such as, knowledge area, animal species, disease, etiological agent, organisation, and so on, which will allow to easily locate the desired information.

In addition, the "News" section will keep the users informed about the latest updates in the different areas of the website.


Vetinnova is a public website, which is open and free for any interested stakeholdes in the animal health sector. Therefore, the user can access and actively participate in Vetinnova and be able to benefit from the many advantages and benefits that this tool offers.

Companies , research centers and other experts in the field of animal health that are interested in participating in " Vetinnova " by including information on research lines, patent, scientific-technological offer, collaboration  offer, and so on, will be able to do it through  "online forms" in the "Application submission" section, following the procedure outlined in it.