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Teagasc Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) diagnostics

Teagasc. Abierta hasta el 5 de julio

Basic Function of the post:

The successful candidate (PD1) will be responsible for collecting biological samples (i.e. nasal swabs and blood) and molecular analyses relating to the identification of pathogens associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD)/pneumonia in beef cattle. 

Duties & Responsibilities specific to this project:

• Be responsible for on-farm and research (infection model) clinical assessments and sample (nasal and blood) collections, protocol review, and collaboration with research staff

• Use current viral qPCR assays to identify known viruses in cases of BRD

• Use a new in-house untargeted nanopore sequence method to conduct viral metagenomics on nasal swab samples cases of BRD where no virus was detected by qPCR in addition to qPCR positive samples



• PhD in Molecular Biology and/or Animal Science or Veterinary Medicine

• Knowledge of the biology and diseases of bovines, and thorough experience in the handling of animals


• Knowledge of animal health and physiology

• Experience in veterinary medicine/ animal health

Selection process:

Candidates can access a Fellowship Programme Application form for this post on the Teagasc website here. Teagasc do not accept Curriculum Vitae's as an application for a position. In order to apply for a post the relevant application form must be completed in order to be considered.

Completed application forms should be TYPED, saved in PDF format and submitted by email to

Deadline: july 5th


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